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Core Services

Core services
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Our process lab is designed to quickly produce functional articles, or test samples with small volumes of starting materials.

Other Services Include

Bay Materials also offers other hard-to-find small-run services such as annealing, accelerated aging, material analysis, mixing, compounding and extruding.

Accelerated Aging

Bay Materials is highly experienced at designing and running all manner of aging tests. In addition to know the key materials and conditionsto test, we also have all the equipment required such as programmable ovens, environmental chambers, shaker tables, and tumblers.

Material Analysis

We have an array of analytical tools covering composition, surface metrology, rheology, thermal and electrical properties, and practiced staff to operate them.

Custom Polymerization

Bay Materials will synthesize polymers based on you existing recipe or will develop unique compositions to meet your specific needs. We can manufacture polymers in solution, bulk, or emulsion processes and in a variety of chemistries including acrylic, methacrylic, styrene, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane, epoxy, or exotic options. We have expertise in all common initiator systems including free radical, anionic, cationic, UV, ring opening and condensation.

Wet lab

Polymer Synthesis

Custom polymer synthesis starts in our stocked wet lab. Monomers and pre-polymers are selected, modified, or synthesized as needed before either being polymerized or supplied directly.


Industrial Mixing & Blending

Mixing polymers and resins requires heavy duty appliances like this overhead mixer which enables blending, grinding and master-batch distribution.


Industrial Pressing

Various hydraulic presses and cutting dies allow Bay Materials to readily create thick films, laminates, and test parts to analyze the performance of polymers - or even prototype parts in some cases.


Buss Kneader

A kneader allows dry-phase blending, mixing, and processing of resins, pigments, and a variety of polymer additives to achieve a working compound.


Braybender Mixer

A Braybender allows for measurement of mix & melt properties of resins and blends as well as very small scale sample preparation and dry mixing of compounds.

Polymer synthesis, formulating and processing


Bay Materials is your solution if you need small batch annealing. Annealing is a controlled heating and cooling process that can greatly reduce internal stresses in injection-molded or machined plastic parts. Inernal sresses in polymers often lead to warping, crazing, and cracking. Thus annealing can reduce such defects, as well as generally improve the robustness of the part.

Plastic annealing is not terribly complicated, but does require programmable forced-air ovens and process development to do properly.


Sometimes our clients have the expertise and supplies but don’t have the right process equipment at hand. Many facilities or businesses just can't support supplies like heated presses, helicone mixers, or a full extruder. However, such process equipment is vital for testing anything larger than lab-bench scale. We use such equipment in an experimental capacity and offer small-run services and prices rather than opportunity-cost prices that most manufacturing-equipment owners charge! If you need small-scale polymer process work, contact us and we’ll talk about the details.

Extrusion Troubleshooting

Bay Materials is uniquely expert in the spectrum of polymer behaviors and the equipment problems that often crop up when producing polymer blends or bespoke polymers. This allows us to quickly resolve a plethora of line, configuration, additive, and environmental problems for clients who are starting up polymer production lines. Our familiarity with kneaders, mixers, extruders, additives, polymers and best practices allows us to help simplify polymer process design and development problems that can otherwise be an expensive institutional learning curve.

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