About our Facilities

Wet lab
Full-feature facilities to formulate, analyze, develop, validate, and scale-up polymer systems.
Process lab
Our process lab is designed to quickly produce functional articles and test samples with small-volumes of materials.
Incubators and ovens support a variety of environmental and accelerated aging tests, annealing processes, and other custom development or testing environments.
Wet lab

Wet Lab, Hoods & Benches

A stocked wetlab allows us to synthesize polymers, create bench-scale prototypes, and develop solvent and solvent-free materials.


Overhead Mixer

Powerful mixers enable dry blending of some resins, and dispersion of many fillers. In other cases it is used as a preliminary step before kneader or extruder work.


Multi-Ton Heated Press

Industrial pressing allows for lamination, thick-film creation, and with cutting dies, test part manufacturing.


A Kneading Extruder

This powerful piece of equpiment enables dry processing of polymers and polymer blends from test up to manufacturing scale.



This Braybender mixer is used to test melt viscocity of resins as well as to mix very small test batches of resins and fillers.

Polymer synthesis, formulation, and processing

Thermal analysis

Thermal & Mechanical Analysis

Standard capabilities include DSC, TGA, DMA, MDMA, and Instron

Mechanical analysis

Mechanical Testing

Custom or ASTM techniques to measure compression, tension, and stress-relaxation physical properties of samples and prototypes.


Differential Scanning Calorimeter

This process measures the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of a sample as a function of temperature. This allows precise measurement of the melting point of materials, hysteresis properties, and material identification based on thermal properties


Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

This device applies varying stress to samples, enabling calculation of the complex modulus. Precise temperature control allows for detection of glass transition temperatures, melt points, and other similar phenomena.


Ovens and Incubators

Bay Materials uses a variety of programmable and fixed-temperature ovens and incubators to create testing environments, thermally cure polymers, perform annealing, and dry moisture-sensitive materials.



The lathe, and other machining eqiupment, gives us the ability to machine test fixtures, prototype parts, and other custom parts. Often this is for our internal use, sometimes these are supplied to our clients directly for their testing or prototyping.


Postive and Negative Pressure Hoods

A variety of fume hoods round out our wet and dry lab capabilities to enable handling of dangerous or sensitive chemicals and materials


Industrial Kettle

This kettle is an example of how Bay Materials provides small-scale manufacturing to help our clients succeed as they move from lab-scale to manufacturing-scale materials.

Prototyping & scale-up


Extruder and Die

Bay Materials boasts general extrusion capabilities for providing finished, usable polymers in extruded shapes. This includes pilot manufacturing, process development, and material blends.



Extruded materials can be spooled or collected as rods, tubes, or custom extruded shapes, depending on the die and take-up method used.

Extruder zoom

Extruder: Detail

Ok, you caught us! This is just a glamor shot of the extruder again. But isn't it a lovely piece of equipment?

Pilot manufacturing

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