About Bay Materials

Dr. Ray Stewart founded Bay Materials in 1999 to meet a need for state-of-the-art applied polymer research in Silicon Valley. We have helped clients overcome polymer science and product design challenges ever since.


Our customers range from medical device companies to fishermen. We have been fortunate enough to contribute to projects from new LED light bulbs to coronary catheters - and to work with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Bay Materials developed the first generation clear aligner material in 1999, launching the “invisible braces” revolution in the process. In 2003 we improved the material and branded it Zendura. Zendura was made available to orthodontic suppliers and dental labs, and has become an industry benchmark. and we continue to improve it. Leading orthodontic aligner providers, including ClearCorrect, have produced millions of orthodontic appliances with Zendura.

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Bay Materials continues to develop innovative polymer technologies including graphene-based corrosion-resistant coatings for maritime applications, thermal fillers for LED lightbulbs, and thermal switches for applications in consumer devices like pop-up cooking timers.

Before founding Bay Materials, Dr. Ray Stewart founded Landec Corporation (NASDAQ:LNDC) to commercialize Intelimers. Intelimers pioneered application of environmentally reactive polymers in food, agriculture, medical and industrial markets. Landec today comprises several businesses (Apio, LifeCore Medical, and Windset Farms) with annualized revenue approaching $500M.


I found the right person and company to tease out evidence I would otherwise be unable to demonstrate...I appreciate you putting in Saturdays and all the analytical to focus on finding out this material's character...You made my day.

John Chen, AEI

Bay Materials is my go to source for any custom polymer need. We ran into supply chain problems; the original supplier of our proprietary co-polymer folded. Bay Materials stepped up and practically reverse engineered the complex polymer formulation and the process to produce it. Their staff is well educated, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.

C. Lance Boling - Black River Concepts, Inc