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Our customers have ranged from Silicon Valley startups to fortune 500 companies in the medical device, electronics, orthodontic, food packaging, solar power, aviation, and consumer-product industries.

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From Concept to Commercialization

We specialize in polymer and product development services. We provide problem-solving expertise for polymers, plastics and material science.

Zendura Orthodontic Material

Orthodontic Aligner Material

Orthodontic Aligner Material


Many orthodontic applications demand materials with excellent stress retention (to help move teeth) and stain resistance, to remain clear when worn in the mouth.

Bay Materials

Bay Materials has developed and commercialized an advanced orthodontic material. It is engineered to feature exceptional stress retention and stain resistance while being readily thermoformable.

Nanotube Heat Transfer Material applied to CPU

Nanotube Heat Transfer

Nanotube Heat Transfer


Modern CPUs emit large amounts of heat. Moving that heat off the chip die demands higher thermal conductivity materials.

Bay Materials:

Bay Materials assisted one of our clients in developing a carbon-nanotube based thermal interface material. Bay Materials designed test methods and screened materials for suitability, eventually delivering a compoundable off-the-shelf option to our client.

Heat-Sealable Cyclic-Olefin-Copolymer Barrier Film

Sealable Barrier Film

High Moisture Barrier Heat-Seal Film


Cyclic olefin copolymers (COC) are used on diagnostic and "lab on a chip" systems for their high barrier properties but are exremely difficult to bond to.

Bay Materials:

Bay combined modified COC resins with a custom-formulated tie layers to produce high-barrier heat sealable aluminum films for use with COC components.

Conductive Polymers, Polymeric Electrodes

Polymeric Electrodes

Polymeric Electrodes for Batteries and Corrosion Protection


Traditional electrodes are based on rigid and expensive metals, which makes them a poor or impossible match for some applications.

Bay Materials

Bay Materials has developed high-performance graphene-based polymeric electrodes for applications ranging from high density lithium batteries to corrosion protection anodes for nuclear submarines. The polymeric composition enables extensive tuning of mechanical, cost, and electrical properties to suit a variety of needs.

Precision Melting Organic Material for Pop-Up Cooking Timers

Cooking Timers

Pop-Up Cooking Timers


A client needed specialized materials to trigger cooking timers for a range of specific temperaures.

Bay Materials

Bay Materials developed new, precision-melting organic compounds that can be formulated to trigger devices from 145 F to 185 F over very narrow temperature targets. Three patents resulted from this work.

Custom Formulated Medical Implant Grade Polyurethane

Medical Polyurethanes

Specialty Polyurethanes for Medical Devices


Advanced medical devices often need advanced materials with engineered properties. Polyurethanes in particular serve as a versitaile and safe base chemistry.

Bay Materials

Bay Materials has formulated medical grade polyurethanes for numerous customers having special requirements not met by commercial suppliers. This has ranged from traditional compounding of thermoplastic materials, to developing spray coating, to synthesizing reactive oligomers and segmented polyurethanes.

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